Fukuoka Medical Interpretation Service

Volunteer medical Interpreter will support you when you need help at hospitals in Fukuoka.

Phone Interpretation Service

We provide interpreting service by phone between doctor, patient, and volunteer Interpreter when requested by medical institutions in Fukuoka.

  • * Free of charge.
  • * Medical institutions will pay for call charges.

Temp Service of Medical Interpreter

We provide temp service of medical interpreters when requested by medical institutions in Fukuoka.

  • * By appointment only
  • * Free of charge
  • * Interpretation services are offered only when requested by medical institutions.
  • * Foreign patients are asked to submit a consent form before using our services.


Fukuoka Asian Medical support Center Office (JTB Kyushu corp.)

TEL/0570-006-626 (Opening hours: MON-FRI. 9:00~18:00)

LanguagesEnglish, Chinese, Korean TimeMon.-Fri. 9AM to 6PM

  • Fukuoka Medical Interpretation Service
  • 福冈医疗翻译服务
  • 후쿠오카 의료통역 서비스